Osteopaths, pain consultants and flu jabs – oh my!

I’ve just started with a new Osteopath. I’ve been through so many therapists that I try and get a recommendation from someone I know first – which I did with this osteo. But on my first visit he announced he was off to Asia until March, so could only see me one more time.

Today he assessed me further alongside the osteopath who I’ll be working with in the future.

He pointed out my arch has fallen, and my left foot is falling inwards – which pulls my knees automatically into hyperextension. He suggested this would be putting a lot of pressure on my lower back. He also pointed out my mid -spine area is very hypermobile, but my lower back is locked solid – also putting additional pressure on. My hamstrings are very tight, as is my sciatic nerve. So there’s a few things to start with.

Tomorrow I’m seeing a Pain Specialist at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore, Middlesex. The consultant isn’t an Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome specialist, but the EDS consultant at the hospital often refers to her, so she sees a lot of us.

I’ve been putting together some information on Ketamine or Lidocaine infusions to discuss with her, along with research on EDS-related sleep issues and hope to also be referred for Lumbar Facet Joint injections.

I get very nervous before I see a consultant, especially when I feel it’s a ‘last hope’ appointment. I’ve had some really bad experiences with the pain consultants at my local hospital, and I’m hoping seeing someone with an understanding of the complexities of EDS is going to make a difference.

I’ve also booked in for my flu jab for a couple of weeks.  I dread them, but the thought of it is usually worse!  So just a reminder for all of you who has to have one yearly – winter is coming!imelenchon


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