Respite Care

This blog post ‘I have sent my child to stay with strangers’ by Scottish Mum gives an excellent account of what it’s like to have a non-neurotypical child.

Some respite allowed her a time out from a very exhausting life.  Giving her and others like her a regular time out allows families to rest and recuperate, and the ene

rgy to deal with day-to-day life.  It’s invaluable.

"Under the horse chestnut tree", 1 p...

Mother and Child. “Under the horse chestnut tree” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It underlines the importance of how you react to a parent dealing with a tantruming child.  I remember babysitting my cousin, who had a tantrum in a busy shop as two year olds are wont to do.  I particularly remember the embarrassment and the looks people gave me.  Imagine the looks a parent of an older child gets, never a thought to why, or how the parent is doing – just judgement.

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