Theatre Trip

Theatre Trip

Cover of "Ghost (Special Collector's Edit...

Cover of Ghost (Special Collector’s Edition)

I have a hospital appointment in London in September, so while we’re there my Mum and I decided we should do something nice and go and see Ghost the Musical which has just opened.

I phoned the accessibility line for the Picadilly Theatre as I need a space to put my wheelchair in, and they were very friendly and helpful.  They’ve booked me an end-row seat, someone to store my wheelchair during the show and my mum as my carer gets in free!  They also advised me of the best place to get in for level access, and the nearest parking.  Shockingly (or not so, if you’ve ever used an NCP car park!) they charge more for the parking than my ticket will cost!  So let’s hope we can find some parking elsewhere.

I am looking forward to it already!