Fluffy TV shows to watch on sofa days

Fluffy TV shows to watch on sofa days

If you have a chronic illness, then you often have a lot of days in bed, or stranded on the sofa.  I’ve been having a lot of those lately, and so I’ve been looking for new TV shows to watch.  I’m not looking for shows that need any brainpower – just ones I can marathon and enjoy even if I fall asleep halfway through!

Here’s a rundown of some easy-watch TV I’ve been enjoying lately.  For some reason, I think all these shows are on TLC.  It’s channel 125 on Sky, and 167 on Virgin in the UK if you want to check them out.

Sister Wives

I’ve been watching this one for quite some time, and am excited it’s just starting in the UK.  It follows a Mormon family that consists of a husband called Kody Brown, his three wives Meri, Janelle and Christine, and their 13 children.  The show begins with Kody dating Robyn, and her then joining the Brown family as his fourth wife.  The show is a fascinating look at polygamy and all the benefits and downsides.  Every wife is completely different, and the show doesn’t shy away from showing the jealously between the wives and the long transition both the wives and the children go through to accept Robyn and her three children.  I also enjoy the interviews with the older children – who have mixed views on polygamy themselves.   This one is my favourite.

Watch this for: Family dynamics, a peek into a different world, lots of interesting background information slowly revealed and lots of highs and lows.

 Dance Moms

I have a love-hate relationship with this show.  It follows an ‘elite’ dancing team that go to competitions every week, although much of the focus is on their mothers and the drama both between each other, and them and the leader of the dance studio – Abby Lee Miller.  Abby treats the children like crap – preferring to bully them, scream at them and insult them, than to just teach them.  I find this very difficult to watch, and get frustrated with the mum’s who often declare “I’m done,” storm out, before they return the next day.  I don’t know how much of the drama is for the cameras, because I cannot understand why any parent would allow their children to be treated that way.  There are some pretty epic showdowns between the mums – even some physical fights thrown in.

A major running theme  of the show is Abby’s blatant favouritism of Maddie, one of the girls in the group.  While she is a great dancer, the other parents wonder if their child would be as good if Abby spent that same amount of time and energy with them, and were treated as nicely.

I particularly root for Chloe and Nia, and I worry for Brooke – who is an acrobatic contortionist, and with her extreme flexibility and long-running chronic pain – I worry is hypermobile and could be heading for a world of trouble.

Watch this for: Extreme drama, talent, parental relationships and fantastic dance routines.

Cheer Perfection

This show is still quite new, but follows a group of young cheerleaders in the US, and more importantly the drama between the mothers.  The show differs from Dance Moms in that the coach Alisha actually treats the children well, and just wants some peace from the drama!

Watch this for: Drama, spoilt diva mothers, lots of sentences including y’all and backstabbing.

Breaking Amish

I caught this one as the first season is available On Demand through Virgin.   It revolves around a group of young adults – four Amish, and one Mennonite, leaving their communities to move to New York.  I had no idea what I was expecting, but within a few episodes there were arguments, relationships,  modelling, tattoos and a whole lot more.  There are rumblings this show isn’t entirely true, but it’s still pretty entertaining.

Watch this for: A look into another culture, tension between the group members and lots of past revelations.

LA Ink

I have only watched half a season of this so far, but I’m about to marathon it from the beginning because it’s got my attention.  It follows a tattoo shop in LA (no surprise there!) ran by Kat Von D.  So far it from what I’ve watched the shop is a tight-knit group, with the newest employees being outcast for varying reasons.

Watch this for: Tattoos ranging from pretty to horrible, the odd celebrity visit and lots of shop-based drama.

What fluffy shows do you like to watch when you’re not at your best?  I foresee a lot sofa days coming up – so the more recommendations the better!

Credit to Alvimann

Credit to Alvimann