Bring on the Bubbles!

Eighteen months ago I moved into a bungalow. After years of struggling with the steep stairs, and also having a hard time parking my car anywhere near where I lived – it was amazing. I love the bungalow, the ease of parking outside my front door, the shower, the pretty garden and the privacy.

But I do miss something.

Really, really miss it.

A bath.

Despite baths being hard to get in and out of, but the pain relief was worth the effort.  I loved nothing more than sinking into a bath filled to the brim with hot water, bubbles and a Lush bath bomb. And a book, that always got slightly soggy.

And to ease the pain I’d load it up with Epsom Salts too.

To celebrate my mum’s birthday, I booked her a surprise night away I can’t travel far anymore, so it wasn’t very far away. My treat? A bath!

Ugh, it was as good as I remembered – a brilliant way to de-stress and relax my muscles.


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