ME Awareness

What do you think of ME? That condition people have when they don’t want to work? Yuppie flu? We are all tired – so stop whinging?

The medical community and the media has portrayed a certain image of ME that doesn’t live up to reality.  Did you know ME is actually a neurological condition similar to MS? That people regularly die from it?

Some years ago the condition was renamed in some circles as ‘Chronic Fatigue Syndrome’ and pedaled as a mental illness – which couldn’t be further from the truth.   Many activists are now trying to divorce the two conditions.  Chronic Fatigue seems to be a catch-all for long-term fatigue to which no other cause can be found, yet ME is testable, and so much more than fatigue.

I don’t normally link to The Mail, and in some ways I find this article funny, as they probably wrote 90% of the articles calling people with ME lazy, job-shy malingerers, but it’s a good look at the myths of ME.

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